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  Antique Chevrolet Parts really began in 1971 when I purchased my 1931 Chevrolet Sedan. In those days, when buying the parts I needed, I often saw five or ten of the same thing on the shelves of the older parts stores - twelve 1931 hubcaps, for seventy-five cents each, dated November 1972, is the oldest bill I can still find.

Some of my friends in the Chevy Car Club were looking for 1931-1932 taillight lenses and I tried my hand at making some but they turned out to be too brittle. I wasted a couple of thousand dollars that I could little afford on that venture! But I’m proud to say that not one of my customers lost any money and we still treat people that way today. We want our customers to be satisfied with what they buy from us.

In 1981, the ‘rat race’ told me it was now or never, so the hobby business became my career - a much more enjoyable rat race! Over the years, many competitors have popped up and then faded away but a few survived and have even become good friends. Now the restoration business is worldwide. Parts come from Taiwan, Mexico, China, India, and even Canada and the USA.

Twenty-four years of full-time experience, plus a staff of dedicated, knowledgeable, long term employees gives us, and YOU, the benefit of a source that can help far more than the average restoration shop or store. We learn new things every day but no one knows everything. We try to keep our eyes and ears as well as our minds open for information on a new part or service that can help our customers.

We hope you’ll choose us as your Chevy parts supplier and develop a long-term relationship with us. We promise to do our best to look after your needs.

Ian Murray
Founder, Antique Chevrolet Parts

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